New On-Line Stores Debut, Free T-Shirts

November 11, 2008

Apple has debuted its on-line store for three countries in Asia, and is offering commemorative T-shirts to buyers just as if the stores were bricks-and-mortar. The new Web stores offer Apple’s products directly to residents of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, although all of the pages are in English. There is speculation that the stores indicate that other Apple products and services, such as the iTunes Music Store, will eventually be offered in these countries. The T-shirt features a dark blue background, with colorful starburst-type patterns scattered across the front and back. The T-shirt is available to buyers of a Mac or iPod until November 24th. Check the Malaysia version of the welcome page.

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A.M November 11, 2008 at 1521

Online stores were launched for Thailand & Vietnam as well.


Gary Allen November 11, 2008 at 1939

A.M — Thanks for the additional countries…I’ve added them to the story. However, Thailand and Vietnam haven’t yet appeared on Apple’s index of international on-line stores.


Mark Wilson November 12, 2008 at 0143

Indonesia has also been added.

It looks like it is just the Asia page localized with Indonesian pricing. Even after subtracting Indonesian Value Added tax of 11%, prices on computers are 25% to 30% higher than US prices with iPods 45% higher. They are probably just shipping things in from Singapore.

iPhones are not listed. Despite the fact that SingTel, the Singapore company handling the iPhone service owns 10% of the largest cell company in Indonesia there is still no Indonesian iPhone agreement.
The website is in English.

When I was in Indonesia I thought that I would look for Apple dealers in the phonebook. A “C” in Indonesian is pronounced with a “ch” sound. So computer is komputer. Flipping through the pages I could not find it. Would it be under something else such as electronics? I did not know so I moved on. Then I bumped into it under “C.” Why would an Indonesian phone book list something in English? Then it dawned on me. There is no personal computer in a third world country like Indonesia. There are business computers. The language of business is English. And anyone working on a computer would be working in English. So the Apple page in English works fine.

However as a matter of respect, there should be a page in the local language. Hey Apple, my wife or my in-laws could translate for you.


Apple Ink November 12, 2008 at 0921

No India…..

Oh.. and its mentions from Apples new Asian Site as a catalogue store have also been eradicated completely!


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