Apple Recruiters Tempt Exemplary Employees

June 5, 2008

Apple’s retail store recruiters are reaching out to employees of other companies, and handing them an enticement card to say, “You’re amazing. We should talk.” The business-sized card explains on the back why they were handed the card–“Your customer service just now was exceptional.” Apple’s retail store staff has grown substantially, and expansion plans have accelerated this fiscal year, especially in international locations. The store growth has put pressure on recruiters to keep up with the demand for high-quality recruits. Right now there are about 12,000 retail store employees, and with 35 to 40 stores opening each year, another 2,400 needed annually. Check the card after the break.

This business card is being handed out by Apple recruiters to those they daily encounter providing exemplary customer service. The recruiter writes in their contact information on the back of the card, at the bottom.

Apple recruiting card

The number of Apple retail store employees has increased steadily each quarter over the years. The number of employees wasn’t reported in financial reports prior to 2003.

Apple store employees graph

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