Employee Clothing, Titles To Be Tweaked

April 27, 2008

Apple’s retail stores continue to tally big revenues and profits, and to draw an increasing number of new-to-Mac buyers from both the consumer and business sectors. So now it’s time for a change that reflects the new mix of visitors and buyers. Starting Monday, Apple will rename three job titles to provide more clarity and better reflect their broader range of duties: Mac Genius will become simply Genius, Mac Specialist will become Specialist, and Business Consultants will become Business Partners. Employee clothing will change to better distinguish their roles: behind-the-bar Genius and Creative employees will continue to wear dark blue, while Specialists will now wear light blue T-shirts–the same color now worn by Concierges, who will now wear bright orange T-shirts. Business Partners will take on a more professional appearance with dark blue, buttoned-down shirts (polo?) with “Business” embroidered on the sleeve next to the Apple logo. The back-of-house gang will wear the traditional black T-shirts. Lastly, store employees will receive new business cards that drop the blue Apple logo for a metallic, reflective finish.

The new shirts have different slogans for each shirt:

  • Specialist: “I can talk about this stuff for hours”
  • Concierge: “I know people”
  • Creative: “No pain, all gain”
  • Genius: “Not all heroes wear capes”
  • Manager: “My place. Your place”
  • Back-of-house: “Some artists use brushes. I prefer boxes”

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