Sydney Store Glass Installed, Covered Up

April 10, 2008

The glass demi-cube in front of the future George Street (Sydney) retail store has just been covered up with black material, making it appear exactly like the Fifth Avenue (NYC) glass structure before it opened. There is still a plywood-covered sidewalk structure, but it appears that workers are removing the scaffolding from in front of the glass. The interior of the store is completely covered, but photos through a doorway show that it’s not close to being finished. Instead, passersby report that inside the space there is nothing but a forklift, wood and other building materials. Check the photos after the break.

The black covering over the glass storefront appears to be wood…plastic?

The barricade over the sidewalk is still in place, along with scaffolding. You can see the glass panels that were added to the front of the building, starting at about the fourth-floor level.

When the construction is finished, the storefront will be entirely glass, allowing a view into the two levels of the store. No doubt there will be a suspended, back-lit, white Apple logo centered in the glass storefront.

Even in this shaky photo, you can see that none of the store interior is finished.

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