California Leads Store Revenues

November 14, 2007

Not surprisingly, California leads the retail store chain in revenues, based entirely on the large number of stores in the state, and not high average per-store sale. California totaled almost $185 million in revenues for the third quarter of 2007, according to those who have seen the official figures. Lagging California by almost half were New York, Florida and Texas, all states with at least 12 stores open, with revenue contributions from $56 million to $107 million. At the bottom of the revenue pack are several states with just a single store. Average state revenues ranged between $2.5 million and $8.9 million per state for the quarter, with the big-revenue states falling somewhere in the middle: California, Texas and Florida averaged just $2 million to $5 million. The highest average revenues were turned in from New York, Illinois and New Hampshire. Check the graphs after the break, including per capita spending by state.

California contributes the most revenues, but contributions fall off significantly after that. New York’s revenues were 58% of California’s contribution, while Florida’s revenues were just 34% of California’s.

The top revenue states generally fall in the middle of the pack for average revenues. The high-low spread of average revenues is much smaller than the overall revenues.

Bonus graph: Since populations vary so much among the state’s in Apple’s territory, this graph shows which states are contributing most per-person. It shows that overall revenue doesn’t translate to high per-person spending. Even among the Big Four revenue states there are differences: New York residents spend more per-person than California, which spent more overall.

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