New Store Greeter Position Posted

October 25, 2007

Apple’s legendary retail store policy of allowing visitors to wander into a store without any acknowledgment by the staff may be over. The company has posted the job position of Concierge for about 90 of its retail stores. In the job description just posted Apple says that, “The real secret behind the success of the fastest-growing retail chain in history is our commitment to the customer.” The company is already known for “legendary service,” the description says, “and now we are extending that experience with the Apple Store Concierge.” Among the job tasks listed are, “Verbally embraces the customer with a five-star welcome and a fond farewell,” and “Can orchestrate the store adventure in the best possible way.” A Concierge will also be someone who, “Understands customer needs and connects them to the right person at the right time,” and “Provides every customer with a superior customer experience.” Apple is looking for candidates who, “exude warmth, energy and charisma, you love meeting new people, you inspire them, you thrive on the unexpected.” Further, “You get people, and people get you, you have a passion for customer service, you have a passion for Apple products.” Lastly, and perhaps oddly, the perfect candidate is described as, “You nurture all budding technology crushes and lifelong Apple love affairs.” There seems to be no pattern to which stores have the Concierge job listing: in New York City the SoHo and Fifth Avenue stores are listed under “future openings,” but the as-yet unopened 14th Street store is listed under “current openings.” [ job description ]

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