Finally, A Gulf Coast Store

October 18, 2007

The bright light of an Apple retail store will be switched on next Spring in the midst of a huge black-out zone covering the entire eastern section of the Gulf Coast. Apple will open a retail store at the Mall of Louisiana (Baton Rouge), the first store in the state, and the only one along 1,000 miles of coastline from Houston (Tex.) to Tampa (Fla.). The capital city of 602,000 residents is about 85 miles west of New Orleans, and was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but suffered none of the catastrophic flooding like New Orleans. A huge influx of residents from hurricane-damaged parts of the state taxed the city after the disaster, but sparked a surge in commerce. Prior to this location, there were no Apple stores in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, not coincidentally the three states with the lowest rate of computer and Internet usage in the country (Bureau of the Census). Until last April when a store opened in Birmingham, the black-out also included Alabama. The Baton Rouge store will open in Spring 2008.

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W M October 18, 2007 at 1055

The Mall of Louisiana, located directly on Interstate 10 and with its own exit, is in the midst of a large life-style open-air expansion and is a regional draw for shoppers. The odd thing is the mall complex includes a CompUSA and a Best Buy which both have Apple stores within them.

The CompUSA Apple Store (of the original store-within-a-store design) is extremely well run and does a booming business. The Apple Rep (Mike Luchsinger) is a former Gateway employee who has cultivated a loyal following through great service and presentation. Both management and store employees are very pro-apple, thanks to Mike’s hard work.

The Best Buy Apple Store opened October 2007 and is a medium build copy of a real Apple Store. It includes two large display tables and a Genius Bar along with most product line items available. I haven’t met the Apple Rep …yet.

Three Apple stores within one shopping center ought to be interesting.


Ronbo October 18, 2007 at 1446

Houston doesn’t count as being on the Gulf Coast? [IFO – Ahhhh. Texas always seemed “south” to me, but a look at other sources does put it in the category of “Gulf Coast states.” I’ll re-edit that story.]


Paul October 19, 2007 at 0638

Umm…I live just south of Tampa, and that body of water nearby? It’s the Gulf of Mexico.


GJ October 19, 2007 at 2334

I think what they mean is that the Baton Rouge store will be the first one on the Gulf Coast *between* Houston and Tampa Bay. There are Apple Stores in both of these cities, but none in between.

About durn time we get an Apple Store in Louisiana.


FLG194 October 20, 2007 at 1556

An insider in Apple corporate informed me they will be opening a new store in Sarasota, FL the 2nd week of November.


CH October 29, 2012 at 2209

That’s south of Tampa.


Ted October 21, 2007 at 1441

I enjoy it. So it’s good idea to open one more store in North America but it will be better to see more stores in Europe.


xwing October 22, 2007 at 0605

It’s a start! Now, could we get one in the Biloxi/Mobile/Pensacola area? Oh, and by the way, the ‘Gulf Coast’ area is considered by residents to be the stretch of land between New Orleans, LA, and Destin, FL. Everything west of New Orleans is called the Texas Coast and everything east of Destin is the Florida coast. I don’t make the rules, I just live here. :-)


Tom October 23, 2007 at 0707

If Destin, Fl is where the Gulf Coast ends, why is Florida Gulf Coast University (a state University) in Fort Myers, Fl, more than 500 miles away (Southeast) from Destin? I have never heard of the Florida Coast in Florida. I have heard of the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coasts of Florida however. Also the Gold Coast (that seems to be the area from Miami to Palm Beach on the Atlantic Coast of Florida).


Russ October 27, 2007 at 0824

If your A** puckers every time a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico, then you live on the Gulf Coast. That means from Texas/Mexico line to the tip of Florida. Just look at “plywood” sales at Home Depot. That will define where the Gulf Coast line is drawn!

So much for a Cajun geography lesson. Thanks for the store in Baton Rouge. It will be located very close to three interstate crossings – I-10, I-12 and I-49. I-55 intersects I-12 just a short hop away in Hammond, LA. Ideal location — someone really did some homework for this one.


Mark October 27, 2007 at 0939

Lucky me I live in Baton Rouge and I would’ve never had guessed but often dreamed, that an Apple Store would open up anywhere near my area! Woo-Hoo! ;-) I just heard of this last night when I went to The CompUSA Apple Store for the 1st time to get the best deal out there on Leopard, in my opinion. :-D When I arrived I overheard Mike, their Apple Rep., talking about this new Apple Store and even though I didn’t hear everything I did have a chance to ask him a few questions while enjoying one of those delicious cookies and a Mountain Dew he had provided for the event. Thanx Mike! It was also the first time I had met Mike & BTW he’s a super nice guy! We chatted just a few minutes before he got too busy & had to go attend to some customers but unfortunately, he told me that he most likely wasn’t going to work for the new Apple Store. :-( He gave me his reasons and I understood but I told him that he should at least consider it and even just tell them what you require and see what happens. He smiled yeah maybe, and it’s at least worth a try. However, I believe he’s very happy at CompUSA and implied that he doesn’t want to leave. I hung around for a few and then headed back home with my 10.5 Family Pack and $30.00 rebate form I believe Mike had printed up for us. Again, thanx Mike! I do wonder what will become of those 2 Apple stores at both places nearby?


I'v no Phone November 1, 2007 at 0818

We have to wait and wait and wait till apple will open an Apple Store in Berlin. In europe especially in germany apple stores are very rare. I hope it will be changes when the iphone conquered germany


James November 17, 2007 at 0039

What about in Lafayette,LA?? It is an Apple Agent!! They are so helpful in there.


Mark December 1, 2007 at 0922

Recently I’ve been asked if I’m planning on applying for a position at the forthcoming Baton Rouge store as I’m considered Uncle Mac by a friend of my Nephew Seth, Roddy. Due to my knowledge of OSX and of Apple products and such. I’m no where near an Apple Genius! Ha-Ha! ;-) I don’t know if I will or not my background is retail, customer service, owned my own small business at one time and yes, I’m an Apple user and fan but not a fanatic! LOL However, even though I have excellent customer service skills my experience is dominated by the automotive business even though I’m a geek at heat. It’s Seth that’s trying to persuade me to apply but at this time I’ll probably play the wait and see game before I make a decision.


Mark December 8, 2007 at 1245

I goofed on my last post and never heard of a “geek in heat” but I suppose it’s a plausible probability ;-) However, in my case I had all intentions of saying: “I’m a geek at heart.” LOL I wonder about Mike at CompUSA since they just announced they were closing shop i wonder will he now seriously consider a position at the new Baton Rouge Apple Store? Hmm…


Matthew December 20, 2007 at 0830

YES!!!!! Even though I live in Gulfport, Ms
This would be grrrreat….
Thanks APPLE!!!!


Paul February 28, 2008 at 1909

Yes the store will be needed Comp USA is closed , and no there service sucked.. and best buy is an electronic store for the most part..

So it will be nice to get a Full Service apple store ….


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