Apple Backs Out of 34th Street?

January 25, 2007

Sources have told Forbes Magazine that Apple has decided not to put a retail store at 21 W. 34th Street in New York City, across from the Empire State Building. According to the sources, Apple believed the store would perform well, but, “had second thoughts about the location’s coolness.” Forbes quoted a long-time retail broker saying that there are some upscale stores in the area, but, “Unfortunately, a lot of the old 34th St.–third-rate tourist merchants and rip-off artists–still remain.” Apple signed a $5.5 million per year lease on the 20,000 square-foot, 4-story building, Forbes said, and will now sub-lease the space. It’s at least the second Apple store cancellation in Manhattan. In Sept. 2005 Apple abandoned its plans for a store in the Flatiron District after receiving negative feedback on the architectural plan from the local community advisory board. Apple reportedly signed a 12-year lease on the space, with rent up to $100,000 a month.

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George Guerrero January 26, 2007 at 0926

As a New Yorker I initially wondered about the selection for much of the reasoning cited above. It just didn’t really fit…

If anyone has the right connections, Apple should be made aware that prime (and very large) retail space is available at the corner of 66th St and Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In my opinion, this would be very ideal as it would form something of a triangle of availability/coverage: Eastsiders have the flagship cube store, downtown has the SOHO store, and the Westsiders would have the new one. It has everything required of a good Apple store… two levels, huge expanse of retail space… an upper level that looks over the lower… For those familiar with the old Tower store, the classical section upstairs would be a great venue for presentations/classes/shows/or the Genius Bar. Add in the great demographics of the area and the picture becomes even more inviting. It sits right next to Lincoln Center and Julliard… having it as a launching point for all things iPod and music seems a natural fit. Anybody know ppl involved in Apple Retail… they need to know about this!!!


Lauren Dior January 27, 2007 at 1405

You are absolutely right George. Columbia University is also “near” the area. It is a nice mix of people and it draws tourist to the museums in the area as well. They should seriously consider it. Perfect fit for Apple if you ask me, very chic geek. But is it still available?


34th street January 29, 2007 at 1449

i find it rude and even a little racist that Apple is considering not opening their 34th Street location. I work on the block that apple planned to open on, and yes 34th Street may have more of an urban appeal compared to prince street, and Fifth Avenue..however by Apple stating the block isn’t “cool” enough, in my opinion is as bad as having a “whites only” sign in their window. It’s funny how Apple understands the store would do phenomenal on the block (which btw boasts two of the busiest intersections in the city) and yet they still aren’t comfortable being on the block. As a loyal 34th Street pedestrian, I hope Apple reconsiders their decision, because they definitely would do much greater volume here, than catering to vintage clothing wearing..frappacino drinking…George Bush hating…LOSERS.


MC February 1, 2007 at 1350

I agree with Apple’s decision, if for no other reason than that stretch of 34th Street is very… mall-ish. And while plenty of Apple stores are located in malls, they tend to be the more upscale ones. This block and its current stores are just kinda… there.


SHANTEL October 25, 2007 at 1324

All I have to say is racist, just plain racist when will we all realize that we all came from Africa, whites, too, and for them to say 34th is too “urban” or not “cool” enough is just saying that there a re too many teenagers, particularly blacks running around and maybe we just are too big of a company to be around such people. It’s sad that we still have racist views of ourselves today, and all I can do is laugh because we are the ones buying your products the most, not just blacks but teenagers in all run New York remember that! Over and out -tells-


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