Glasgow Store Nearly Approved

January 20, 2007

Apple’s proposed store at 147 Buchanan Street in Glasgow (Scotland) has received approval from the Director of Development and Regeneration Services (DRS), and should be green-lighted by the city planning department during a regular meeting this Tuesday. The flagship-sized store will be located inside a magnificent corner building that dates from 1842. Apple will retain the façade, much like they did at the Regent Street store in London. The DRS noted in their 7-page report that the interior of the building was gutted and renovated in 1990. Therefore, there are no historic considerations for Apple’s proposed remodel. The existing mezzanine level will be reduced in size, and a spiral-glass staircase will be added, according to Apple’s plans, along with other standard store interior features. The Planning Applications Committee received feedback on Apple’s architecture and design plans from two heritage groups, but didn’t sustain their objections. It will be the first store in Scotland, and is scheduled to open by July.

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Sayhey January 20, 2007 at 1025

Great news! I see Apple has also begun today recruiting staff for the Glasgow store on its web site. A late 2007 opening or early 2008 would seem likely.


John Muir January 23, 2007 at 1759

Nice. Now get on with the Edinburgh one too! ;)


campbell January 26, 2007 at 0330

I have been looking everywhere for information on jobs at Glasgow Apple store. Can someone help me as I tihnk any information relating to recruitment in Glasgow has been removed from the Apple Web site. [ifo-Apple has filled all the current positions, and recently has been only taking applications for future positions. Perhaps they have stopped taking applications altogether now.]


Andrew January 26, 2007 at 0911

The site of the soon to be store has posted that it will be closing on the 27th of January and are hosting a closing down sale.


Frank Worsdall January 26, 2007 at 1709

It is totally incorrect to say that “The Planning Applications Committee received feedback on Apple’s architecture and design plans from two heritage groups, but neither offered objections.”

The wording of the Planning report is as follows:
Following newspaper publicity about the application 2 letters of objection/representation was received from the Architectural Heritage Society for Scotland and New Glasgow Society and their comments are summarised below • The plans and information submitted in support of the application are inadequate with existing interior plans mislabelled. • It is not known how much of the Western Club’s original palatial interiors are left and the information presented with the application makes no attempt to illustrate the quantity of what remains. • There is virtually nothing on the materials being used and there is no statement that the modifications are reversible.”

These objections were dismissed by the Planning Committee report which, it could be suggested, was more enthralled by the fact that Apple were to invest substantial amounts of cash into the building than what happened to the [mostly] long-gone original interior of a Grade A listed building, or if any of it which still remained should be preserved.

Also, Apple had no option but to retain the facade, because of its Grade A listing. And rightly so, too!

However, really pleased to see Apple in Scotland. Don’t know how much Scotsys will like it, though! [ifo-The original story has been corrected.]


Frank Worsdall January 27, 2007 at 0533

I look forward to going into the Glasgow store-can’t wait, in fact!

I have only been in one other, at Mall at Millenia, Orlando,Fl.:- a great store in a fantastic building. I see it’s getting a refurb soon. Bought my iPod there.

How about one in Vancouver, B.C. before July? That would just about make it the perfect city.


Patrick February 14, 2007 at 0943

Hi Campbell,

I’m having the same problem – when I fill out the application form and confirm the page just hangs forever?? If anyone can help me apply for a creative position with Apple in Glascow it would be much appreciated.


dunc February 20, 2007 at 0416

Got my interveiw date for the Glasgow store yesterday. I had to login using my Apple ID before it would let me post an application.


Susan Chalk June 17, 2007 at 1015

Has a date been set for the Glasgow Store’s opening yet?

Thanks, Susan x


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