Chicago, Denver Regions To Add Stores

October 20, 2006

Apple will add an additional presence to the its Denver and Chicago regions with future stores in the suburbs of Littleton and Orland Park respectively. The Park Meadows Mall (Colo.) has 160 shops and restaurants south of Denver. It will become the fifth store in the area. The Orland Park Mall (Ill.) has 150 stores on two levels, and boasts that it’s the largest and most-upscale mall on Chicago’s south side. It will be the sixth store in the Windy City area. Both stores will open in late summer 2007.

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Gary Kantz October 20, 2006 at 0646

Nice to see a store to serve the southern suburbs, Still need one for the far northern suburbs.

Noah C October 20, 2006 at 1358

Where is littleton, I’m from chicago and i’ve never heard of that suburb.

Jeffsters October 20, 2006 at 1437

LOL! I told you two years ago there was a store going into Orland! Apple I think wanted to get space there and as I posted here in 2004 for awhile had Orland Park as a search location for Apple job postings. I am surprised thoughthat Apple has gone into the Orland Square Mall rather than the newer upscale outdoor mall down the street (name I can not remember) which was delayed for a time, hence Apple’s delay. There must have been a falling out there so the Orland Square Mall is the fall back.

Gary Kantz October 20, 2006 at 1702

Well, Jeffsters, you called it. I remember the dialogue we had. I think that area of town needs a store bad, so it’s about time. Still I am jealous – I live way north, and I expected Apple to open in Hawthorn, a Westfield property that will be undergoing an expansion soon.

BTW, Noah – Littleton is a suburb of Denver. I believe that is where Columbine H.S. is located. It’s pretty upscale there.

terrie gold October 21, 2006 at 0823

RE: new Littleton Store. Not so bright. Why PM? There is an Apple store about 15 Mi. West of Park Meadows at Aspen Grove, a straight shot up I-470 [a belt freeway].Central Denver has its Cherry Creek Store [very yuppie area-Yuckie!] The Superior, CO store is superfluous now as Apple opened the 29th Street Store about 15 Mi. away in Boulder, CO, a straight shot up C-36. Apple is saturating two areas and leaving the rest under covered. Northwestern Colorado would be better served with a store between Denver and Fort Collins on I-25, like North Thorton, around 136th St. That whole I-25 stretch is full of developing big box stores[very high traffic]. Longmont is geographically the best option, but if you go there, you have to set your watch back — 30 years. I live near there, trust me.

Michael October 21, 2006 at 1553

Orland Square is a an excellent choice and long needed in the Chicago southland. As much of a retail hub as the Orland area is, the south and southwest suburbs have long lacked not only a retail presence from Apple, but a true computer retailer in general. There’s no CompUSA, Micro Center or any other computer dealers anywhere remotely close. People are left to deal with either Best Buy or Circuit City. As for not opening a store at the new Orland Park Crossing further north on LaGrange, I would assume that Apple wanted more guaranteed foot traffic at Orland Square. Orland Park Crossing is relatively new and the outdoor layout doesn’t lend itself well to good street presence for the retailers there. In fact, the Von Maur department store chain originally was supposed to locate a store there but pulled out when they couldn’t negotiate a better sightlines for their store. Orland is an excellent anchor for the south Chicago area and I look forward to frequenting it once it opens.

Ben Roethig October 24, 2006 at 0453

So, most of the country has to drive three hours or more to get to an Apple Store and they’re putting additional stores in So Cal and Chicago.

Norman Hayward October 24, 2006 at 2035

come on people, read the darn article! its Denver and chicago, and last time I checked denver is NOT in socal! That being said, they need to move the littleton store about an hour south to Colorado Springs. The Shops at Briargate would be a very nice location.

payton October 29, 2006 at 1240

Folks, please keep in mind that metropolitan areas have not only vastly more people than non-metropolitan areas, but also more money to spend. Douglas County (the far south suburbs of Denver, including Littleton) has as many residents than Colorado Springs and twice as many as Ft. Collins, and is growing at a stupendous rate. (Park Meadows is also well positioned off I-25, for Colorado Springs shoppers.) Meanwhile, Chicago metro has 3.5X as many residents as the Denver area and just about as many Apple Stores; with well more than one million Chicago-area residents per store, there’s room for plenty more. In fact, the south side/suburbs of Chicago have well over two million residents (nearly as populous as the whole of Denver!) and no Apple Store.

Whether “most of the country” is geographically far from Apple Stores doesn’t matter: cows don’t buy Apple products, people do, and Apple has done a good job of going where the people are — in cities. (Over 90% of Americans are within 40 miles of a Store.) The question is not whether an area “deserves” an Apple Store, but whether it can support an Apple Store.

Denvoran November 14, 2006 at 1853

Park Meadows Mall is actually located in the city of Lone Tree, Colorado – over five miles east of the Littleton city limits. It is, however, in a ZIP code traditionally associated with Littleton – though using “Lone Tree” in addresses in this ZIP code is perfectly acceptable. Hopefully Apple will correctly indicate the new store’s location as Lone Tree, not Littleton (especially since it already has a store that is actually in Littleton).

sw1m December 28, 2006 at 2020

I am a little surprised that Apple did not look at the Orland Park Place Mall (just south of the Orland Square Mall on La Grange) between Dick’s Sporting Goods and Office Depot? Everytime I drive by there I envision a big Apple logo on the outside saying “hey everyone, here’s the Apple Store!”

Macsrule February 16, 2007 at 1822

Orland Park Place doesn’t have nearly enough parking by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Office Depot. I avoid that place it’s horrible to go to. That mall had been so “dead” for so many years I’m glad Apple didn’t pick that one. That side of the Mall is all outside shopping so it would be the same as Orland Park Crossing–it’s much nicer to shop indoors and Orland Square Mall by lower Sears is PERFECT! I can’t wait NOT to have to drive 40 minutes in good traffic to Oak Brook mall anymore.

Antonis November 30, 2007 at 1521


Stephanie February 6, 2008 at 1354

To payton,

Douglas County has a 30% smaller population than Colorado Springs proper, and has about half the population of El Paso County. I hope that at some point Apple realizes that the Springs is underserved – no one enjoys the drive up I-25, and Park Meadows strikes a lot of us as Mall Hell.

Alberto Skotinio March 5, 2008 at 1657

Frankly, the way things are right now, I’m not sure I’d want to play myself in my very own movie of the week.

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