Unique Store Façade Uncovered

July 10, 2006

While cities like Portland, Boston, New York City and San Luis Obispo (Calif.) debate proposed architectural storefront designs for street-level Apple stores, the company has pulled down the curtains in front of its future Lincoln Road (Miami Beach, Fla.) store to reveal the most unique and unusual storefront in the chain (photo by Jorge). The façade consists of two squarish, white plaster columns on either side of the double-door entrance. Above the door are arched windows, and above that a white Apple logo set on a corrugated backdrop, and framed by a square. The design reflects the 7 block-long pedestrian mall’s original architecture, which dates back to the 1920s, with an update in 1960 and an area revival in the 1990s. [Check these new photos]

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