Handheld Scanner Debuts

November 29, 2005

Over the past four days retail store employees began using that handheld POS scanner to complete wireless purchases of small items right in the store aisles, something calls “EasyPay” on its Web site. Apple is using a Symbol Technologies PPT8800 model that features a handstrap, card swiper and Windows CE. After swiping a credit card and the product barcode, the handheld POS transmits information to the main POS system via the store’s Wi-Fi network, which then sends an e-mail receipt directly to the buyer. The sales staffers are clumsily carrying a supply of draw-string bags, stuffing them into a draw-string bag and wearing it, usually over their shoulder. After the product is bagged up, the customer is out of the store, pronto! The e-mail receipt idea is also being used for gift purchases, so the gift receiver can return the item to the store if necessary. Follow-up: Customers and employees have noted that the devices sometimes freeze up or don’t work correctly. Customers reportedly have been reluctant to give out their e-mail address for the receipt.

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